Studying at the department of Health and Technology

G&T - The Department of Health and Technology - has moved into an entirely new campus in 2008 on the site of the University Hospital of Leuven.


A modern and attractive building on the campus of Gasthuisberg just outside the city centre of Leuven has opened its door in February 2008. It houses the former departments of Rega and Nursery & Midwifery. The new location offers ample facilities. It has an extensive library, multimedia rooms, language laboratories, PC-training rooms, complete and state of the art chemical and clinical laboratories. Students of Nursery and Midwifery will find the Universitary Hospital conveniently close as well as numerous facilities for theoretical and clinical courses such a well-elaborated skills-lab. Snacks and drinks can be enjoyed in the cafeteria. The entire campus can easily be reached by public transport from the city centre.

Education (and placements) provided in English

If you want to enroll for our short term programs in English as an exchange student or if you come for a placement and you  want to participate at our Introduction week and  follow some lessons English from the common KHLeuven programme , please find alle information at (link is external)

The information for the incoming IT programme is not available yet on our UCLL Website. You can consult the programme and the ECTS files.

The online Application form and the Application documents (link is external) can be found here

Education provided in Dutch

Bachelor Degrees

  • Applied Information Technnology
  • Biomedical Laboratory Technology
    • Option in Pharmaceutical and Biological Laboratory Technology
    • Option in Medical laboratory Technology
  • Chemistry
    • Option in Biochemistry
    • Option in Chemistry
    • Option in Environmental Care 
    • Option in Process Technology
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Nursing
    • Option in Geriatrics
    • Option in Paediatrics
    • Option in Psychiatric Nursing
    • Option in Social Nursing
    • Option in Hospital Nursing

Advanced bachelor’s programme

Intensive and Emergency Care

Paediatric Health Care

Postgraduate Certificates

Continuing Education