What is AIESEC?

AIESEC is the international platform that enables young people to discover and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact on society.
We do this by guiding, facilitating and coaching students towards professional development through the means of internships all over the world. AIESEC offers the opportunity to develop your skillset, functional knowledge but also enrich yourself with new cultural perspectives. This unique combination gives you a competitive edge and an added value in your future career and life. Our network is deeply inbedded in the world, spanning 113 countries and territories, with the support of 780 local committees. Annually we deliver 5,000 international internships to around 8,000 partner companies and organisations.

Our database of international professional internships alsoprovides Technical internships with a focus on Information Technology. These internships require a specific background in areas such as System Analysis and Design, Web Development and Management, Database Management, Software Development and Programming and Network Management and Data Transmission.
Aside from gaining practical experience in your field of study, you can also develop your soft skills such as strategic planning, problem solving and cross-cultural and interdisciplinary communication. Skills that many companies are looking for in information technology specialists.

In the vastly globalized industries of today, getting ahead is not only about getting the best grades and indulging in some extracurricular activities... It's also about being flexible, understanding the business in multiple cultures and knowing how to go about projects to reach stellar goals. Lauching yourself and your career off to an incredible experience abroad will give you indefinable momentum. How long does it take for you to take a step?

Are you waiting for the future? Or are you building it?
Go to www.aiesecleuven.be for more information on the process and infosessions or mail us at leuven.exchange@aiesec.net!